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S - in captivity
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My new babies (P. imperator)
H. paucidens
Keep your fingers crossed! (Pandinus imperator)
Help ID scorp please...
H. Paucidens breeding ? Need help...
P. liosoma stuck in molt...
L. mucronatus Babies!!!!
B. Jacksoni BABIES!!!!
Fluorescing scorpions. :)
ID please?
Cochabamba Scorpion
Do Hadogenes paucidens "double clutch"?
Help on ID
Guessing game
Recent blacklighting trip, eastern SoCal
Want to guess :)
Cute little jumping spider (temporarily in captivity)
How much is too much?
Superstitionia doensis Popped!
Captivity kills
She's gonna blow!
link: C. sculpturatus and babies for shipping cost
Superstitionia donensis
C. sculpturatus - Brood #2!!
Looking for Id
My Collection
B gigas 3i
Hottentotas and Odontorus
A new species of Centruroides Marx, 1890 from Veracruz Mex.
Notes on Rhopalurus junceus
An annotated list of the Mexican scorpions Centruroides
Metasoma of Orthochirus (Scorpiones: Buthidae)
First record of parthenogenesis in Centruroides gracilis
Yo, I heard someone here has a Female C.Chiapanensis
Surprise from Balam
Burned Lands Scorpion(s)
Vaejovis confusus questions
Lifespan question
Request of Hadrurus arizonensis details
Need ID on 2 species
Hadrurus arizonensis pallidus
My first Scorp... I LOvE IT!
help! my scorpion is acting funny
Babycurus gigas: She popped
My little Hadrurus
Lychas infuscatus: Very unexpected birth???
Babies (yes more) but strange birth?
My friends Hadrurus from Baja California South
Need Opinion/Help From Our Local Scorp Experts
Nematodes claim a scorpion
My collection
New Scorps
Hadrurus question
Interesting Mesobuthus gibbosus observation
More babies!!! Babycurus jacksoni
Pandinus spp ID?
Lychas Infuscatus.... BABIES!!!
More new scorps.... More new pics
What do you think?
P liosoma finaly gave birth
H troglodyte
Tityus asthenes help?
Hadrurus Genus
New scorps /w pics
Some observations
Heterometrus, Pandinus, or Other?
Hadrurus Spadix Problem (UPDATE /w pics)
Whoo! Yeah!
C. hentzi problemo
New scorps
If anyone is looking for....
Bad news....
Newcomer to Scorpion Husbandry (and message boards)
Pre-moult, Gravid, or just plain fat?
My scorpions
Major Shock!!!!
SCABIES scorps
*WHAT* THE?!?!?! Parasitic worms?
Scorps ARE fun to keep!!
A couple scorp IDs please.
couple scorps found together...
very cool scorps
Interesting read on L.Q. venom and cancer
ok two things... the second a little more important
Finally got my collection moving again...
P.silvestrii caresheet
A. pococki caresheet
Baby Flat Rock Scorpion (now Scorpions)!
Orthochirus scrobiculosus negenebsis (OSN) Video
Vaejovis sp. (GENERAL SoCAL caresheet)
Pseudouroctonus williamsi - Trabuco Creek (Holy Jim Canyon)
P imperator molt pics.
Need Caresheets: General Vaejovidae and Anuroctonus
so i know there's this scorpion site
should i seperate my scorplings?
first local scorpion
C. exilicauda
3 new 3i Tityus asthenes on the block!!!
My Scorpion collection
Liocheles waigiensis
new tityus species
the new babes in toyland
Greek and Latin roots
scorpion pronunciation
Question: B.jacksoni scorplings in a colony
New all scorpion forum.
ftorres' new scorps and my Preggo fem!
Breeding project: H. arizonensis pallidus
Nesh's Tiny Scorpion
ID please!!!???
Anuroctonus sp. yellow
ID help please
Vaejovis puritanus BABIES!!!
Dead scorp. w/ babies
Emperor Scorpion
Species in Progress: Anuroctonus pococki/spp.
unknown sp.
Cottonwood, Arizona
Belen, New Mexico
Random Captive Scorpion Pictures
What Species Do YOU Keep?
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