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IOI - in captivity
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want to try a beetle
milkweed bugs
Edrotes ventricosus
Pterostichus sp. ground beetle
Pterostichus sp. ground beetle
What Be This Bug
Taeniopoda eques (Horse Lubber Grasshopper)
CB Strategus antaeus
Dynastes granti
Dynastes tityus
Inverts gallore (Pic heavy)
If you consider dried specimens IOI, then sure, this is IOI.
Phanaeus vindex
G. caseyi
Back from the brink. Maybe...
Sybilla pretiosa (Cryptic Mantis)
Polyzosteria Mitchelli
Butterflies & Merry Christmas
California native ELateridae
Not Ringo, nor Paul
Wish I had a video!
Big Girl
Baby Mantis
Thistle Down Ant aka Cow Killer or Velvet Ant
Ghost mantis care
Funny Dead-Leaf Mantis Behavior
Sexual dimorphism in Deroplatys dessicata nymphs?
toxodera beieri, Pseudocreobotra ocellata
What's wrong with this picture?
Beautiful roach right after molting
Hints For a New Roach Colony
Fruitfly Invasion! Need Help!
California stags
Catocala sp.
SoCal Cetoniinae
Local Eleodes sp. beetle development.
Camel crickets
Shield-back katydid
Male Ghost Mantis
Water Pouches?
Non-standard Tenebrionid Babies
I have Fuscas now!
Pill Millipede
Just in time for Bug Fair! (Gongylus gongylodes)
Rain Beetle
Dubia Eggs!
Wooly Bear
Female Ghost Mantis seeks Mature Male
Rose Chafers (crawly backs)
Biocontrols---Buying good bugs to control other bugs
Wax Moths
There's nothing prettier than a freshly-molted roach!
Camponotus carpenter ants - Captive Care
Martian Flytrap
Stenopelmatus sp. mahogany
Ant Crickets - Family Myrmecophilidae
Ghost Mantis
Deroplatys dessicata
Baby Roaches
North American Cricket Shortage?
C. Gemmatus Breeding
black eyed pea beetles
What is this!
Hemideina crassidens "Wellington Tree Weta"
Bioluminescent Click Beetle from Bolivian Jungles
And the new champion is...
Anyone still got the CA red desert roaches?
Luna moth (i think) coccoon help needed
B. lateralis
Albino Dubia
Therea olegrandjeani
Found larvae on milkweed
Caught a Mantis
Cleaning a Roach Tank
Can anyone ID this fly species?
Butterfly Pavilion
RIP Panties =/
Only in captivity temporarily -- pretty cricket
Hisser [G. portentosa] feeding frequency
Dermestid Beetles
domino roach
Is this forum limited to scabies? I'm looking
my white springtails culture just crashed...
"Bed Bug Weapon Uses Insect's Own Juice"
Mantis shedding problems! O_O URGENT!
Traded Mantis
Can you tell me what this is...
Rhino roach Adults and some 6 year olds
Just wanted to show you my centipede
Meow Mix for dubia
Rearing White Lined Sphinx
Diploptera punctata
Steven's Hawaiian Mystery Roaches...
American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana)
Wastelands Desert Cockroach - Arenivaga investigata?
Mantis Babies Hatched!!!
Bug ID
Just when I thought they were going extinct...
I need a fat roach
Question About Flightless Fruit Flies
Hissers Help
My Hissers Home
Fungus Mold Clean Up
Parasphendales agrionina
R.I.P Stagmomantis californica
Say Hello to my Hisser friends.
Bulk Fish Food
DEAD Dominos
dubias care link
Tiger Hisser Molt
Anyone here ever bred kept ribbon or horse leeches?
Western Box-Elder Bug Care
White Strips Tiger Hisser
Velvet ants
MANTID on my Driveway.....gate
How bad did I screw up?????
ID on Beetle Please
Mine deposited ootheca
local mantid
Natural looking enclosure for Hisser's
Therea petiveriana
Green June Beetle Eggs
Local Beetles As Pets
Junebugs...Raising and catching
Rare Pet Roaches??
Pill Bug Habitat
What do Crickets eat??
Black Canadian cricket turns RED ???????????
Fire ants (Large pics)
ID? Roach-like
Do you have a bigger one? (Roach, that is...)
Hirudo medicinalis Care Sheet
Evil Nematodes
Green Lacewings: larva might eat mites. adults and larva F
Nematodes the answer to nematodes?
Vants from LA area
Roach *mites*?!?!
Roach colonies
Mantises at the March BBQ
Bugs as Food
Isopod World List
Little critter found cruising in my house today!
Dubia roaches love Fig Newtons
B lateralis in Los Angeles
Jerusalem Cricket RED
Jerusalem Cricket
neshan that thread u wanted
D. granti
Isopods in your Vivarium
Sticks, Assassins, Mantids: Are They Legal (in USA? CA?)
My new Lobsters
no roaches in cal????
Ironclad Beetles
B. dubia vs. Lobsters - Housing Together
best roaches?
New Dubia Colony
What is the story with BEETLES?
dubia roach pics
QUEST: New Feeder Species
Feeding Roaches
Random Captive Insects Pictures
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