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BT - in captivity
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Boa Morph Question
Tortoise Advice
Snapping turtle eating mice video.
Jeweled Lacerta
Some new additions! :)
Showing off my Albino Blonde Suboc
Sulcata playing with sprinkler
New Friend
Night Snake
How unbearably cute is this!?!? (Baby Crested Gecko)
Parthenogenetic Boa
Some new pets of mine ;)
Unicorn Poop
My subocs
Leopard Gecko Morph?
Twins again -- this time surviving
Yellow Corn Snake
Bearded Dragon Babies
Rhacodactylus Auriculatus-Gargoyle Gecko update
Tortoise Pens
Safe Fruits for Tegus?
Rescued Leo
More baby Corucia
How do you catch a unique rabbit?
15 (or so) year old Alligator Lizard
My cat is a roach bird dog
Caecilians finally!!!!!
Craig's List: LA(HW): Bearded Dragon $40 pos. w cage pu only
does anyone have a live small animal trap i can borrow/rent?
Leopard Gecko sexing.
CONFIRMED: Poison Dart Frog
Loxocemus Bicolor.. New World/Mexican Burrowing Pythons
My new hobby.
can't decide..
Banded Geckos
Twins again (Corucia)
First snake bite. haha
Plestiodon gilberti
Cockatiels (and the parrotlet, Topsy)
Sick snake
A gift from my son's Fire Skinks
White lip
Isis- alb. Nelsons milk snake
New corn baby :)
My beautiful python
Some of Cynjays gecko's
Black Rat Snake
C zebrata
The geckos that I am babysitting.
Karens kritters
2 New Girls
Gargoyle Gecko
Crotalus m. pyhrus
Xenosaurus grandis "Veracruz Knob-Scaled Lizard"
new baby????
New house gecko setup
My birthday present
Eggs hatched
More eggs..
How to breed house geckos, Hemidactylus frenatus
New Retics
Snake eggs!
Giant Madagascar Hognose
Need a rat or two...
Western Banded Geckos?
puppy de-wormer
House geckos
My 2 newest additions
Rat vid ..just check this out ;-)
Albino C. atrox (Western Diamond Back)
Feeding Options.
Cinnamon Pastel Ball
And then came Rubi . . .
pics of my boa
My new friends from the Pomona show.
My Girl....
Rats-Suppose to be feeders
Rattus rattus
Tadpole care
Money well spent at the Reptile show
Celeste's Rat Snakes New Owner
P-Nut's Christmas Present aka Wierd Interspecies Love
My New Ball Python
Rat vids
My Uta.
Dubia for Beardies
Ogershok's New Avatar
My early B day present
Fresh water fishermen ...when u buy bait...
Bridey's sick
Dogs Day Out At The Beach!
Home Cooking for Dogs
some pictures of my kitty kat
Retic Kills owner
Some of my collection
Looking for BLUE TONGUE SKINK near Monrovia, Cali
Goodbye Zamis
Rattle snakes legal in cali?
New rescue
New Beardie
My Fur Children (except for one)
Where my NARBC money went
Bearded Dragons
Rabid Snake
Amphibians and Reptiles
My furry son
Tadpole collection.
giant salamanders
Theres a bitch I don't know on my bed
my 4 legged friends
feline pics
It's *TWINS*!!!!!
My BD's just showing off
My mammals...
hungry after a shed
Funny Pic
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