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TPS - in situ
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New species my @$$
Collecting with Chris Hamilton
First T of the Year
African Purseweb Spiders
H. Maculata
Catching Megahexura fulva - One of CA's smallest mygs
Mexican TV and Taratulas
Who can name that spider?
Unknown Spider?
NC Mygs
WA Mygs
I have a dream: By State Mygalomorph Guide
Giant Tarantulas in JApan.
AMAZING Aptostichus location datasheet!
Crazy single file dispersal in Brachypelma vagans slings
Catching Calisoga
unnamed CA traps?
Aptostichus stephencolberti
Aussie invasion
Latin/Greek meaning
CA Myg Picture Roundup
mmmmmm, myg location spreadsheet
I'm sure you've seen this before, but...
ID request, please
Tarantula Burrow Pictures
New Tarantula sp. Ami from Central and South America
T's in perris
Orange County Tarantulas
Liphistius desultor
Aphonopelma behlei
aphonopelma sp. 'bisbee'
aphonopelma sp. 'cochisei'
Tarantulas in Visalia/Sequoia area??
Brachythele anomala, a USA species?
T from Laguna Canyon
Aphonopelma mooreae - One Sexy Spider!
Dwarf Aphonopelma (USA)
CA Dwarf Tarantulas
Random Myg Locations
giant aphonopelma from arizona
classic paloma style
things to do
East L.A. Trapdoor, Ése
Sphodros rufipes - "Red legged Purseweb Spider"
Tiny Mygalomorphae (USA Natives)
paloma dwarf
A. schmidti
Thinking of hiking this weekend
How To Distinguish Between The North American Familes
Thoracic Groove Types
USA (and Canada, Mexico) Mygalomorphae by Platnick non-Thera
key: Cyrtaucheniindae vs Ctenizidae
Ts pics in the wild
Genus: Aptostichus (CYRTAUCHENIIDAE)
EXO: GoI: Acanthogonatus (NEMESIIDAE)
Family: CA NEMESIIDAE 1 Genus 2 Species
Family: CA MECICOBOTHRIIDAE 2 Genera 2 Species
Family: CA CYRTAUCHENIIDAE 3 Genera 9 Species
Family: CA CTENIZIDAE; 2 Genera 2 species
Family: CA ANTRODIAETIDAE; 3 Genera 14 Species
Los Angeles County: Mygalomorphs (non-Theraphosidae)
TX: GIANT Trapdoor (Eucteniza rex)
another B. cali female w/ slings
Random Exotic TPS Pictures
Aliatypus lit/links
Aphonopelma taxonomy (Brent H.)
genus Aphonopelma
California Tarantulas & Primitive Spiders
smallish canyon, Encinitas
San Diego Adventure on 6/30/2007 (UPDATE: she's molting!)
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