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What A Tangled Web We Weave...
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For All You Roach Lovers
really neat book
Useful Links, Misc.
Vermicomposting Forum
Tarantulas Lair
Photographic guide to Tarantula Taxonomy by Tony Harrison
Isopod Website/blog
local minor dealer? Greg's Exotic Inverts
REAL neat spider web site
For the love of the jumpers...
Awesome Website
On bioluminescence...
Brasilian Scientific Articles (LOTS & FREE!)
Arachnids from Mexico American Naturalist vol. 39 (1905)
Spider Silk Tapestry
Cool resource for kids: Southwest Wildlife Ed. Handbook
Two cool full texts
for you Poecilotheria fans
T biology
Good website for Tarantula tanks
Our fledgling forum
my sites
Model Inverts!
Secret Weapons (about bugs)
Create your own Photo book or Poster
silly story from CNN
araneomorphae forum
Key to Genera of North American Scorpions
True Bug link
California Insect Survey - Volumes for Download!
When Bees attack
Microscope with usb hook up...
Random Invert Links
the differences between blondis & Apophysis explained
Inventory and Collection Methods
Theraphosidae PDFs
great paper by von_Wirth
Google Books
Greenbay sucks
Entomophagy - Eating Bugs
Random Myriapoda Links
nonT Mygalo Links
Nice Photos site:
grammostola link
kool link a good read...
Awesome Digitized Species Illustrations!
Venom Related Forum
Invertebrate Supply Links
ego surfing: googling your name/username
The Xerces Society: Int'l Invert Conservation!
Feeder links
Invertebrate Dealer Links
Random Insect Links
stumble spiders
San Diego Links
Baja California Links
Invertebrate Breeding Loan Link
Invertebrate Classified Links
Scorpion Links
the British tarantula society
Steven R Kutcher
Arthropods of the OC
Tarantula (Theraphosidae) Venom Links
Random Invert Newspaper Articles
Legal Links
cacoseraph's Personal Links
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