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You do WHAT with bugs!?
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MM M. Cabocla available in Garden Grove
In need of a few MMales
MM Poecilotheria metallica
FL: MM Poecilotheria formosa
2011 breeding projects
FL: M.M. Selenobrachys philippinus
Males available for the BBBQ Feb 5th
FL MM P. formosa
Pumpkins need love too
The Earwig Breeding Project
Breeding B. albopilosum
Looking for adult male Texas Unicorn Mantis
M M greenbottle blue
M.M g.pulchripes
Female Ghost Mantis seeks Mature Male
2010 Breeding Projects
Looking for Male L. Violaceopes.
Looking for unrelated male P. regalis for 2010 breeding
L. difficilis
In search of a male Scolopendra heros (san diego)
Avic urticans..
M. giganteus
Breeding Projects for 2009
Breeding Projects for 2008
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