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TPS - in captivity
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Best Beginner Tarantulas?
Shaken and upset - severe ant attack on home and T's!
Sex me please
Value of a P. Metallica?
A. huriana
Please Help me Sex this T stirmi
Multiple Partners: The Finer Points of Nondyadic Breed Loans
please help me sex my T
My P. metallica Just Arrived Today
M balfouri update
Bad News
new dress :-)
Iridopelma hirsutum not doing so well
What species to get?
Message from Jesus
My big girl has done it again! (P. regalis)
Red trapdoor spider won't make a full tunnel
Egg-sac type References
Eggsac Type information
Ok need SERIOUSLY FAST help with Tarnatula!!!
Need Urgent Tarantula Help!!
getting into the Calisoga longitarsus game again!
Finally!! Subfusca!!
Some Mexican T's
P. Ornata :D
Sling escape
A. Versicolor
A possible way of raising trapdoor spiders on a large scale
M. balfouri: male or female?
Egg sacks
Recent molts
link: Help a fellow CA'er out with a bad molt. (obt)
T. Blondi Molt
is this MM? (Apomastus sp. kristenae)
H. Maculata
look like this Apomastus is MM?
Interesting Experiment with a Tara in a Mine!
Massive Die-off, need help.
New BAbies
Cyclocosmia ricketti
P metallica gravid or just fat???
P. fasciata egg sacS
Love is in the Air, more T breeding 2010
OscaR Photo Thread
Genus Brachypelma
Local Ts S.CA --Rancho Cucamonga area
Did you get anything great for the Holidays?
pink toe help!
Description of Brachypelma annitha and Brachypelma hamorii
I need names.
B. Auratum
Aphonopelma Sp. Catematus
Brachy's Verdizi and Vagans
My first molt
R.I.P. Zoe (aka Zohan)
Pics and a story
P. metallica Constipation
Question about urticating hairs
Feeding and pics (lots'a pics)
December 2008 baby regalis is now mature!
Notice anything odd ?
C. fasciatum
Triamcinolone Acetonide
Catumiri argentinense PIC HEAVY
A. minatrix
Out and about...sort of (LARGE PICS)
Check out who decided to change her dress
Lovely in red(sort of)
R.I.P. big guy...
Guessing game part 3
The guessing game, part two
P antonious gravid female
Finally they arrived!!!!!!!
Hey there gorgeous, nice legs ;)
Tarantula Molting Video--Must Watch!
Its that time of the year again!
Look who's out...
Theraposa blondi
How big is your T?
My worst nightmare came true
Got some pictures of my collection!!
My new girl
Avic question..
A. chalcodes Mating - More "feeders" on the way, h
any O. sp. malaysia pics?
Brachypelma Baumgarteni??
Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli Pair
Western US Aphonopelma research help...
T. blondi molting pics
Catumiri argentinense
2-3" Poecilotheria Metallica
The G. rosea I won at June's BBQ Raffle...
bah. Got a dead one.
Poecilotheria Metallica Ventral Sexing
Quiz - what's unusual about this molting T?
Should i be worried ?
Molt Preservation
Ctenizidae-Cyclocosmia torreya
Phormictopus sp. just molted....
Danger!!! Fire!!!!
Abdomen damage sustained between molts
Love is in the Air, more T breeding
Pamphobeteus sp Ecuador purple Mating attemp
H. lividum molt
Finally my female B. smithi
Need Help To ID Please
ID needed: Haplopelma sp.
New M balfouri female.
P metallica female
Question on crickets feeding on a T
T apophysis molting pics
Anyone still have female Calisoga theveneti?
Coremiocnemis valida
New Batallica lividum
Some avics
My L. parahybana molted and I'm dumb.
Another T. blondi
What species is this baboon???
Grammostola porteri ?
M balfouri male
Finally Molted!!!!
P. fasciata ultimate molt, and M. veveltosoma
GBB update
List of tarantulas with and without tibial hooks/spurs
P. fasciata
A versicolor small egg sack
New Molts
Male P. metallica finally molted -- Warning: big pictures
Wood spider under the influence of LSD
Unidentified Holothele sp. bought as "tachira"
Apomastus kristenae eggsac -annouce & discuss-
B klassi
Aphonopelma moderatum...
Megaphobema robustum
Guess How Old I Am! (G. rosea, answer known)
Native CA Myg to ID
P. striata
Aptostichus eggsac (discussion & announcement)
Aphonopelma sp.
M. velvetosoma enclosure
Some Ts pics
M. velvetosoma
GBB pictures...finally
T. blondi
Cyriocosmus elegans
Spermathecae sexing... by far the best I've seen
A few SEM shots.
Arachnid Developmental Stages
P.irminia sac
Yet another B. albopilosum mating.
Death Curl - ICU Help?
Tiny spiderlings
A. urticans
The singapore blue I got from Francisco forever ago.
T blondi female poss gravid.
H. Minax vid
Iridopelma seladonium
New Specie in Mexico, waiting for description.
P regalis female
Hexurella rupicola ( "Dwarf sheetweb tarantula" NO
New MM P antonious
New MM male albiceps
Can the news get ANYTHING right?
P. striata Gynandromorph
A. versicolor
Finally! A. moderatum molted!
HELP, Lasiodora parahybana in death clutch. Edit: It's ok !
New Craigslist rescue
P. irminia Double Clutch
Regalis Eggsac!
M mesomelas
My other B. Boehmei
New Avic cages..
Anyone ID this unknown T
Rose Hair Love
Is this an egg web?? Question Answered!!!
Is this an egg web????
B. klassi
New A. urticans
Lame Question
A. genic
P. Regalis
I'm gettin a spider room!
Egg sack,need help..
Foot problem
New Beauties !!!!
My new "Chilo-nastys"
Finally got one!
Flash photography
3 new juvi P. murinus
Demon's New Digs
Growth Rate Chart's
mmm, hairy
New Rosea....
handled my 3" N. Chromatus :)
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