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IOI - Predatory True Bugs - in situ and captivity
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Bee Mimic Robber Fly
All my 'sins, come to haunt me
Apiomerus californicus
Apiomerus crassipes
Predatory True Bug Humor
Ambush Bugs - Do You Keep Them?
dont know... some sort of assassin.. 2 different little guys
Key to Hemiptera Families
GoI: Emesaya - Stilt-Legged Bugs(f Reduviidae subf Emesinae)
GoI: Barce - Thread-Legged Bugs (f Reduviidae subf Emisinae)
Giant Water Bug
Looks like Andrew had a slow day at work yesterday!
GoI: Phymata - Jagged ambush (family Phymatidae) (31sp/ssp)
GoI: Gelastocoris (family Gelastocoridae)
GoI: Pselliopus (family Reduviidae)
GoI: Apiomerus (family Reduviidae)
GoI: Sinea (family Reduvidae)
GoI: Zelus (family Reduvidae)
Foi: Nepidae - Waterscorpions
FoI: Reduviidae - Assassin bugs
FoI: Pentatomidae - Stink bugs
FoI: Nabidae - Damsel bugs
FoI: Miridae - Plant bugs
FoI: Lygaeidae - Seed bugs
FoI: Gelastocoridae - Toad bugs
FoI: Belostomatidae - Giant water bugs
FoI: Berytidae - Stilt bugs
FoI: Anthocoridae - Shield bugs
Predatory vs Herbivorous True Bugs
IOI - PTB - Guide (SoI, Threads of Interest, Etc)
Species To ID/Check Out
FoI: Phymatidae - Ambush Bugs (USA)
here ya go andrew!
CA Reduviids
North Amercian Reduviids (Assassin bugs)
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