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M - in situ
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Millipede key, down to order
Desmoxytes purpurosea
Scolopendra polymorpha (blue leg) ?
Millipede species question
Another guessing game ;)
scavenging heros
RIck West
Coolest use for a millepede I've ever seen...
Is this normal?
i have an idea????
Dumb question
now this is a polymorpha!
Hey I want to find some wild millipedes....
Centipedes of Ky
CA Large Millipedes and others of Interest
EXO: Millipedes of Northern Ireland
Banded Milli pics
David Attenborough - Giant Centipede
SoI: Theatops californiensis
SoI: Theatops posticus
SoI: Cryptops hortensis
Notes from the Field: Geophilomorpha
Scolopendromorpha Literature
Pretty NoCA milli
USA Giant Centipedes, by State, from R. Shelley's work
CA giant centipedes (Scolopendromorpha)
Cryptops sp. leucopodus & hortensis
Random Myriapods in situ Pictures
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