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IOI - in situ
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therea petiveriana and T. bernhardi ootheca care
Pyralis farinalis (?)
petition ban the pesticide linked to hive collapse in bees
Do we have any Roach enthusiasts on the forum?
Bibio albipennis
Mystery Green Worm
Parasitoid wasp ovipositing in ants
caterpillars ID?
Calliphoridae (blow-flies)
Pogonomyrmex sp. (harvester ants)
Bombyliidae (bee flies)
Actias luna
Mystery Beetle
Neostylopyga rhombifolia
You can't see me!
A rather old bug...
Mourning Cloak caterpillars
Happy Spring (And Honeybees coming back?)!
Ceanothus moth
ID help!
Earwig pics
Awesome picture of an ant!
Moth Infestation
Diving beetles
bee ID help?
Awww Sh*t We're Screwed....
Poor bees...
Mantis - Coimbatore, India
Longest Stick Insect - More than 18" long!
SCABIES Helps: A fellow bughead get ideas for a Top20 Beetle
socal oniscidea (isopods)
Two species of honey bees
Eating Bugs Every Day
What the @#$% are these???
Question for the beetle ppl
A Close Shave
Is this a mating thing?
Too trippy not to pass along
Dazzling Red Dragonfly
Dasymutilla sackenii, Sackeni's velvet ant
Jumpy little Mantis
World's Heaviest Bug (new Title Holder?)
So *that's* who's been eating my roses!
Cute hopper
Termites, cooling of the mound and natural enemies
'Angry Beetle' (((VIDEO)))
First Ten-Lined June Beetle of the season
Look what I found in my backyard
Help with kids school project
54 mm Stenopelmatus fuscus
Please Identify this Moth?
Butterflies and Moths of North America Website
Desert Roaches article
Temporarily NOT in situ Katydid...
Hornworm Moth?
Parasites (worms) in local bugs
Advice plz, Ant collony inside my house
Beautiful Dragonfly
First Ten-Lined June Beetle of the Season! :-)
Does my laundry room count as "in situ"?
Katydid Identification
Mydas fly - Nemomydas sp.
bombardier beetle?
Feeder SoI: Arcitalitrus spp & Talitrus spp - Lawn Shrim
Narnia sp. (heheh)
And you thought YOU liked orchids!?
camel crickets & cicada
Moth at work
Endangered Inverts in California?
What kind of caterpillar is this?
Banana Slugs
Schistocera american: American Bird Grasshopper
Can all grasshoppers go into swarm mode?
Crazy looking beetle.
Lawn Shrimp - Amphipoda (Feeder Quest: Animal of Interest)
two tiny insects
Can you help ID this?
Dampwood Termites
Madagascar Pill-Millipede - Order: Sphaerotheriida
Oceanside Bee Removal?
More Reasons to HATE Argentine Ants!
black and red bug
Random Insects in situ Pictures
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