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BT - in situ
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R.I.P. Lonesome George
Silly hummingbird!
Snake ID!!
Teeny tiny!
is mother in-laws tongue reptile safe?
Deer Sheds
Very Interesting Stuff...
Found a Cal King!
native turtles?
gecko from Hawaii
New species of chameleon found
Looking for this article.
Snake with foot found in China
Anolis carolinensis
"Wolverine" Newt?
Gila Monster Precursor?
looking for a tortoise
Goblin shark
rat brain on wheels
ever keep Boiga sp. ???
Gila Monster!!
Crotalus mitchellii pyrrhus
Hey Francisco, here's that salamander that rolls
A few C. o. helleri shots from today.
Endangered "Playboy" Bunnies
Heloderma suspectum battle it out
Anaconda, and some Bloke who almost soiled his pants
Coast Horned Lizard
New species discovered
So Cal Parrots
Interesting Lizard
Snail Eating Snake
New species of thread snake discovered
Komodos. After all these years...
They *might* have bones in them (eggies)
Water Drains of Death
Why would Lizards drop their tails?
Does my chicken coop count as "in situ"?
Rare reptile hatchling found on NZ mainland - Tuatara
First snake of 2009.
Rare Pink Iguana Evaded Darwin
North American Jaguars and Ringtails
CA red-legged frog habitat scandal
Have strange rodent like creature
I knew it .... a Roadrunner in Mariposa
World's smallest snake discovered
Random Cute Baby Lizard Pic
Speckled Rattlesnake Eating a Squirrel!
Finally! I found one! Sidewinder Rattlesnake!
Red Rock Canyon, NV
In memory of Flower
I miss them
Bone Thing
LARGE Crotalus ruber that almost bit my buddy!
Southern Pacific Rattlesnakes
My avatar
Batrachoseps major - garden slender salamander
Pythons all up in the US
Check out this horned lizard.
This was NO TURKEY!!!!!
Cancun Gecko, ID needed
Random Bone Things in situ Pictures
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